Healthy Day

Community & School

Daring Adventures’ recreational therapy based Healthy Day Recreation Program was created to support partnering agencies and organizations that serve individuals with disabilities in their efforts to provide meaningful, outcome-based leisure and recreation opportunities for their members. These services are provided to a groups from any agency that serves individuals with disabilities in the Phoenix and surrounding areas. Groups include, but not limited to: Adult Day Programs, Injury Recovery Programs, Schools, Senior Programs and more.

For more information about how your agency can get involved and pricing for the Healthy Day Recreation Program, contact Program Coordinator, Sarah Lindvay (

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Our Approach

The program uses a multifaceted approach that combines assessment, application and psychosocial support systems to address any member’s individualized needs. The program is implemented by a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists who uses leisure and recreational activities in a meaningful way in order to meet members’ personal goals and work on functional social, cognitive, physical, and emotional skills. The Recreational Therapists will work hand-in-hand with members, families, friends to address the needs of the individuals and to adapt activities for success.

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Recreational opportunities for groups include:

  • Cycling

  • Hiking

  • Kayaking

  • Camping

  • Soccer

  • Baseball

  • Tennis

  • Basketball

  • Pickleball

  • Circuit Training

  • Walking Program

  • Outdoor Expressive Art

  • Dance

  • Meditation

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Our Goal

Healthy Day was designed to address two major goals from the Department of Health and Human Services initiative Healthy People 2020:

  • Increase the quality, availability, and effectiveness of educational and community-based programs in order to prevent disease and injury, improve health, and enhance quality of life.

  • Maximize health, prevent chronic disease, improve social and environmental living conditions, and promote full community participation, choice, health equity, and quality of life among individuals with disabilities of all ages.

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