Arizona Gives Day 2019!

Yesterday, Daring Adventures took an AMAZING man, Doug Clough, who is battling with ALS part way up Camelback Mountain. This was the original place he proposed to his wife, and he wanted to renew his vows and thank her for everything she has done for him and his family these last couple of years as his health has declined because of ALS. Doug has served on many committees and initiatives surrounding ALS including the Executive Advisory Board for the national ALS Association, and the Centers for Disease Control’s ALS Registry Taskforce. Additionally, Doug is one of three people with ALS serving on the Advisory Council for the International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations.

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Daring Adventures partnered with Central Arizona Mountain Rescue Association to take Doug to reach “HIS EVEREST” using our new Trail Rider. Even though this Trek for Doug is a unique activity for Daring Adventures, assisting him to reach “His Everest” is the same thing that occurs with each participant in the many programs that Daring Adventures offers. With Arizona Gives Day tomorrow Tuesday April 2nd this was an example of the significant impact that Daring Adventures has on Arizonans. We need help from the community so we can continue improving the lives of people of all abilities. You can support Daring Adventures on April 2nd by going to

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