Respite and

Habilitation Services

If someone in your family is receiving services through the State of Arizona Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) you will want to consider joining our HCBS program. Our Family-centered, goal-driven HCBS program is committed to helping individuals with developmental disabilities improve their quality of life and overall well-being by incorporating a wide variety of outdoor recreation activities that align with ISP goals as appropriate. 


Work for Daring Adventures -

Become a HCBS Service Provider

Do you enjoy helping others? Do you LOVE the outdoors?  Are you compassionate?  Working for Daring Adventures as a Caregiver might be a job for YOU!   Benefits of becoming a Caregiver with Daring Adventures: 

  • Planned activities for respite/hab opportunities for your member such as camping, hiking, kayaking, cycling and much more!

  • Onsite training for Article 9, Prevention and Support, CPR/First Aid and others.  Caregiver support group

  • Access to Daring Adventures equipment such as cycles, safari chairs for hiking and more. 

  • Above industry average hourly rate of pay.

To apply fill out the APPLICATION and send to

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Benefits for Members and caregivers

  • Initial and annual consult with Daring Adventures Recreation Therapist to help with plan, techniques and strategies for reaching ISP goals as appropriate.

  • Members will have access to life-enhancing, mental and physical health-improving outdoor recreation using their respite and habilitation hours for activities, such as cycling, hiking, kayaking, camping, as appropriate and at Daring Adventures home base - Telephone Pioneers of America Park and other off-site locations.

  • Additional Certified Recreational Therapist services available at special rate for HCBS clients.

  • Assistance connecting to other resources, as needed.

  • Familiarity with Daring Adventures staff eases involvement in outdoor recreation activities that will enhance quality of life and improve health.

  • Daring Adventures will host a parent support group for clients.

  • Daring Adventures will host a HCBS direct provider support group.

  • Daring Adventures will conduct on-site training for HCBS Providers and members, Including CPR/First Aid, Article 9, Prevention and Support and others.

  • Enrolling in the HCBS program does NOT mean that you have to use your hours specifically for Daring Adventures activities, you can continue using them like you are today.

  • Additional Value-added services.

If you are a parent, guardian, or provider interested in enrolling a participant for Respite and Habilitation Services at Daring Adventures please download and complete our Pre-service Orientation Form.

Once you fill out the form, email it along with a copy of the potential member’s most current ISP to Daring Adventures’ HCBS Manager at

For questions or inquiry, please contact HCBS Manager at (602) 290-0214 ext 3.