River Rampage is a six-day rafting and camping program for teens with and without disabilities ages 14 - 20.

An extended outdoor adventure such as a River Rampage trip provides a perfect setting for learning acceptance and cooperation. Life lessons are intensified because of lack of outside influences and the need for teamwork and trust. The river gives youth time to contemplate their lives, to play, to learn healthy risk taking and to sleep under the stars. Whether their challenge is large or small, all youth need a chance to see that the world is bigger than their back yard and that opportunities abound.


River Rampage 2018 is scheduled for July 19-24, 2018. 

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What Participants can Expect

The San Juan River is one of the main river tributaries to the Colorado River.  Our river journey covers 26 miles from Bluff to Mexican Hat in southeastern Utah. If selected, you’ll join your fellow rafters and adult volunteers (also known as “Sidekicks”) on a journey from Phoenix to Sand Island Boat Ramp where we’ll meet our river guides and spend the first night camping under the stars. For the next four days, we’ll paddle through calm stretches of the magnificent canyon, and some Class II and III rapids on oar-powered rafts -- paddle rafts and inflatable kayaks. In addition to time on the river, you’ll hike to ancient ruins and indigenous rock-art panels, help our river guides in the river kitchen, loading and unloading the boats, as well as playing and relaxing in camp. Each day offers new adventures and opportunities for viewing wildlife including Desert Bighorn Sheep. Teens learn accountability and important life skills by “paying their own way” contributing 30 hours of community service. We help coordinate many of the community service projects, or you may choose your own volunteer work.  Your volunteer work can take place at a recreation center or park, a library, church, food bank... there are endless possibilities. Daring Adventures hopes to eliminate all potential barriers, including financial limitations. Through grants and additional funding, we are able to offer this life-changing trip for just $150 per teen, if accepted. Partial scholarships are also available based on need.

It’s taken a little over seven months to begin to understand the impact of the River Rampage project. I think it will take a lifetime to fully comprehend the positive effects it has had on our son. . . The River Rampage experience helped to re-open those “doors of possibilities”. We are re-structuring our thinking and re-programming our “talk”. Instead of “I don’t see how” . . . it’s “let’s see if we can” . . . Knowing our son did what was once considered impossible enables us to dream again and find ways to make things possible.

                    - Mother of Participant