If you want to make a difference in your community, you came to the right place!

There are 4 requirements for becoming a volunteer with Daring Adventures:

  • Have a ready smile and a drive to serve others
  • Fill out a Volunteer Intake form, and show proof of CPR, 1st Aid certifications and Fingerprint Clearance Card 
  • Attend a Volunteer Orientation
  • Schedule your adventures!

Daring Adventures offers several categories of volunteer opportunities:

  • Program Volunteer

    Program volunteers are needed year round to assist in a variety of program activities. There are many opportunities for volunteerism within programs, and different levels of volunteer responsibilities.

    • Lead Volunteers - these volunteers have all necessary certifications and the ability to work 1:1 with any participant, they may have more responsibility, lead participants and Volunteer Assistants, and are eligible to volunteer for extended trips and Everest programs.

    • Volunteer Assistants - these volunteers may be under 18 and are not required to hold all certifications necessary to be considered the “lead” or independent volunteer. Volunteer assistants assist with many program tasks but may not work 1:1 with participants and are not eligible to volunteer for extended trips or Everest Programs. Volunteer Assistants may focus on equipment needs, organizational tasks, groups, and other duties as directed.

  • Event Volunteers

    Event volunteers are episodic volunteers who provide assistance for single day activities, events and projects. Event volunteers will always be supervised and overseen by Daring Adventures staff. This is a great volunteer opportunity for groups and organizations. Volunteer Orientation and certifications are not required for these volunteers.


  • Administrative volunteers

    Administrative volunteers assist with the many administrative tasks of a dynamic nonprofit. They provide office support, outreach, and advocacy. Administrative Volunteers are required to attend Volunteer Orientation so they can learn about Daring Adventures’ mission and programs.


  • Ambassadors

    Ambassadors come from within the organization;  they are seasoned participants with Daring Adventures. Ambassadors help ensure that the needs of participants are being met and use their experience to assist staff and volunteers with activity leadership as appropriate, at the  discretion of the Program Coordinators.


  • Committees

    Are you looking for a way to help grow Daring Adventures? Our committees are a great way to be involved at a planning level. Our current committees include: Program Committee and Fund Development. Volunteer Orientation is not required for these volunteers.


  • Governance

    Individuals who are active as committee members may also have the opportunity to become a part of our Board of Directors. For more information, please contact our office or Executive Director.
Volunteer Type Requirements
Program Volunteer -
Lead Volunteer
  • 18 years old or older
  • Volunteer Intake Form
  • Volunteer Orientation
  • Current CPR Certification
  • Current 1st Aid Certification
  • Current Fingerprint Clearance Card
Program Volunteer -
Volunteer Assistant
  • Volunteer Intake Form
  • Volunteer Orientation
Event Volunteer
  • Willingness to Help!
Administrative Volunteer
  • Volunteer Intake Form
  • Volunteer Orientation
  • Experience with Daring Adventures as a Participant
  • Monthly long term commitment
  • Monthly long term commitment